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Vintage kitchen

…with a touch of soft mint! I’m totally obsessed with the cabinet which is as vintage and as gorgeous as you can imagine! Add a few vintage stools and you get the perfect kitchen which is both inviting and cool. Open shelving, industrial old lighting – the moment when a picture is worth a thousand words :)

I’m loving the overall look of this kitchen – right up my alley!

*images via here

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Refreshing mint

Happy Monday, friends! I’m back from my vacation which was absolutely fabulous – short, but sweet :). How was your weekend?

I know how hard Monday can be, so in hopes of making it easier for all of us, I have a refreshing post today – it’s a minty approach to interior design. I’ve written about my obsession for mint here, but what can I do – it just won’t let me go :). Especially since mint is now seen as a pastel color and we know how ‘in’ pastels are at the moment. Minty stripes, accent walls or kitchen cabinets – it’s all beyond chic and refreshing – like a cool breeze on a hot summer day :)

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Coral & mint kind of week

Happy Monday, sweets! It’s a real spring here and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have so much sun and warm temperatures – I missed this SO much! And that’s why I’m utterly inspired by a color combination now – coral and mint! Truth is I always loved it, but the pastel shades of these two feel so feminine and modern now that I couldn’t resist but share my obsession with you. I found a pretty nursery decorated with mint and coral, take a look and tell me – what’s your favorite color combo this season?

I can’t get enough of coral and mint! And don’t even make me start on the fashion side of the two colors :)

*images via lay baby lay

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Mint & Teal Christmas {this year’s fave}

Hello, friends! First of all let me apologize for being absent yesterday, leaving you with no post (can’t remember when that happened before, probably never). I was out of town all day, helping my MIL with her exhibition. But I’m back now! I missed you and hope you missed me too :D. And yes, happy December! Oh my, isn’t it unbelievable how fast time flies? In just one month we’ll say bye to 2010 and graciously embrace 2011. And this means what? Exactly – holidays are just around the corner, with reasons to decorate (and some shopping of course!). People are asking me what are  my favorite colors for Christmas this year and my answer is always the same: mint, teal, emerald green! I’m astonished by this color combo for a few weeks now! And imagine my face when I saw it in the latest Rue, on a Christmas tree (I was blown away, seriously!). The combo is so gentle yet so vibrant and modern. Traditional? No. Boring? No way! Awesome? Yes, please! I love it and will definitely consider decorating my tree with these shades. What about you?

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