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Refreshing mint

Happy Monday, friends! I’m back from my vacation which was absolutely fabulous – short, but sweet :). How was your weekend?

I know how hard Monday can be, so in hopes of making it easier for all of us, I have a refreshing post today – it’s a minty approach to interior design. I’ve written about my obsession for mint here, but what can I do – it just won’t let me go :). Especially since mint is now seen as a pastel color and we know how ‘in’ pastels are at the moment. Minty stripes, accent walls or kitchen cabinets – it’s all beyond chic and refreshing – like a cool breeze on a hot summer day :)

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Color+Inspiration: Mint

Oh well, I showed you my new crush and now would be the perfect moment to write about the color that inspires me today and that will be mint color! I’ve seen a lot of mint in blogland lately and I must admit, only looking at the color makes me feel its freshness and the aromatic scent! Being a color between apple green, lime, aqua (and maybe more) mint comes in different shades: mint green, mint gray, mint blue, so I searched for inspirational pictures that are about all these shades (don’t be surprised if you see quite different mint color). Mint also turns to be a  calming color, perfect for a kitchen, dining room, nursery – oh well, it’d be great in every room, I guess! I hope you like the inspiration I found:


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