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Pink Monday

I wish you all a fabulous Monday, week, month (is it really October?). Today I’m treating you to a dose of pink glamour, hoping it will make your day pink and well, glamorous :)

*image 1 – unknown, 2

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Oh, Monday…

Hello to all my dearest creamylifers! How was your weekend? Is it fall where you are (and I mean for real)? Here we have pretty warm weather, sunny yet just perfect for wearing light sweaters and scarves, so what can I say – I’m totally loving it and wish it lasts for a very long while! Are you back to sweaters just yet or you can’t let go of summer? :)

No matter how your weather is, I hope you’re doing great, sweets! Here’s to a wonderful week! Happy Monday!

How gorgeous is this table setting (below). I’m loving the pretty mugs with numbers, they can be used in so many ways!

*images by dreamy whites via houzz

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New week, new beginnings

Welcome to a new week, darlings! Today I decided to keep it simple, not many words – I’ll leave it all to feelings that are so much more important. My loves, be happy you’re embracing a new week, be grateful and don’t take life for granted, look at the bright side and remember that everything happens for a reason. P.S. Don’t miss the 6th issue of Rue today – I for one cannot wait!

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Summer’s special

Hello, my loves! SO sorry I’ve been away the past week, my days were hectic leaving me with no energy for blogging. And perhaps I needed a little break, why not? I’m back now though, I hope you missed me?! Yesterday I spent my day by the pool (at a spa resort, actually, with many pools!) and it just made me think how special summer is for letting us enjoy moments like that, where there is only sun, water and magazines/books/drinks. Ah, bliss…

Did you have a nice weekend? I hope so :)

*image via sfgirlbybay

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It’s that time of the year

Happy Monday, sweets! How are you and how was your weekend? I hope it was amazeballs :). You know what, I think I’m at THAT time of the year, again. You know, the moment when you’re too exhausted just for everything, when your city’s whirlwind seems unbearable, when the only thing you’re dreaming of is the beach, crystal clear water, summer breeze…Well, I was wondering when will the moment hit me and it did. Seeing everybody travelling to seaside these days is an awful feeling of “I can’t wait till I’m in their skin”. Sigh, in one month it will happen, meantime dear God, please give me strength.

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Monday joy

How pretty and full of of joy is this engagement? Looking at pictures of this kind makes me happy (for the photographed people) and lifts my mood up to the sky where I just can’t stop smiling and feel the bliss and emotions filling the shoot. I thought it would be the perfect way to start the week, so have a joyful Monday! xo

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New week, new expectations, new exciting moments. Make sure you’re off to a fantastic start! Talk to you soon!

*image via style me pretty

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