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Hi all, I have been missing for a very long while and I apologize (again!), but thanks to sweet readers who sent me emails asking if everything’s ok and showing concern, I appreciate it a lot! Yes, everything’s fine, life is busy and I must learn to organize better in order to manage blogging just as I did before. Promise to do my best to stick around this time :)!

Let’s talk business now :). With emerald green being this year’s color I can’t help but get back to all shades of green over and over again and this collection is particularly appealing as each space is simple, but the green accents are the cherry on the cake providing that needed dose of grandeur and elegance. Also, these rooms have the home-y feeling therefore they’re going to my bookmarks asap!

Have a great week!

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Nate Berkus – interior design maven

Will you be shocked if I say that I love Nate Berkus? No, you won’t and I’m pretty sure you’ll think ‘oh well, welcome to the club’. And I’ll happily step into the huge group of Nate Berkus‘ admirers. His great eye for beautiful things is above everything I could ever imagine. He’s amazing, a true interior design maven. With a TV show where he’s the boss and multiple shelter magazine features, Nate Berkus is certainly the God of all things interior design and if you seek for inspiration, his portfolio is the perfect place to pop by! Convince yourself.

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