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Color+Inspiration: Pink+Orange

Perhaps it’s the anticipation of spring or Valentine’s day which happens to be today (see my post dedicated to it here), but I’m really attracted by bold, bright and so passionate hues such as orange and pink, particularly about this combo. The vibrant color combination shouts modern and daring and while I thik it might be too much for a living room, it certainly looks amazing in a girl’s room, kitchen or seen in smaller details such as rugs, bedding, curtains so on. Oh not to mention that pink+orange left its marks in fashion too! Various designers have their spring/summer collections around this combo and it totally looks chic!

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Everyday fabulous {October 5th, 2010}

The image I came across today is STUNNING and I needed to share it with you! You guys will be amazed by the colors you’ll see and not because of an abundance of colors, but by a subtle yet contrasting combo of two shades. I’m speechless!

*image via skona hem

OMG! Normally I’d never think about combining these two colors, but the way they look here together is just fantastic, beyond words! I think the combo is BRILLIANT! P.S. This kitchen is pretty fabulous too, right (besides colors)? What do you think?

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Color+Inspiration: Orange

Today inspired by orange…Love orange juice…Orange is pretty close to yellow which I adore…Voila! Orange inspiration!

P.S. Not so many words as usual, but I still like orange color a lot!


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Green+Pink+Orange Wedding

OMG! This is the only phrase I can say now, after I saw the pictures of a wedding on Paige One Events. The colors are fabulous: green, fuchsia and orange+pink, a combo that will leave everybody speechless! Now I’m stopping speaking, just take a look and enjoy every picture!


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