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Take me out

Today I wish I spent my days outdoors instead of being trapped in the office, surrounded by dear people who gathered around a table in my yard where the centerpiece is a huge vase filled with hydrangeas. I wish I served fresh lemonade and vanilla cupcakes, enjoying this blissful time till the sun goes down and then enjoying again a gorgeous sunset. I wish we all spent our days like that, don’t you?

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Happy Saturday, friends! It’s a gorgeous day outside, so I’m going to take full advantage of it (especially since they announced rain and low temps from tomorrow – ugh). Brunch at your favorite coffee shop, lunch by the river and dinner al-fresco is all we should do days like these :). I hope you’re going to do the same thing! Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. Thank you for stopping by – you’re awesome!


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Blissful Outdoors

Are we all ready for Spring yet? Good, now time to convince this cold, rainy weather about this. I’m so over it already and the only thing I covet right now is some outdoor time, with sunshine kissing my cheeks, warm breeze touching my bare shoulders…I know, sounds blissful. So while we’re at it, we should do it with glamour and style, right? Here are some ideas of how to transform your patio (or even a place in woods) into a romantic, sweet escape.

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