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OYOY Living design + something personal

Have you heard of the new guy (read store) in town called OYOY? It’s another Danish gorgeous place packed with lovely things for your home, all with a Scandinavian touch and who doesn’t love a good dose of Scandi design in his home (clearly not me!). OYOY launched just recently, but it already got lots of praise in blogland so I thought I just might join the fan club and express how in love I am with their stuff :). From geometric to confetti pattern to pretty colors – OYOY is a must-see! I highlighted some fave items that are landing right on my wish list :).What on your wishlist?

P.S. On a more personal note, today is my 3rd wedding anniversary and I just wanted to once again say out loud how much I love my husband and how happy I am to be his wife! I can’t wait for our baby to be born in 6 weeks (updates on my belly on my Instagram, if you’d like to see :D), so we can complete our family and enjoy ourselves to the fullest! Love you, T!

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