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Pattern love: Paisley

Hi people! Today was a busy yet productive day (if you joined me on Twitter or Facebook you know what I mean), so I’m on a slower wave right now, recovering after exciting moments. I’ve prepared the other day a pattern inspired post (remember my crush on them, right? ), so let’s talk paisley today, shall we? Its floral design whispers romance and femininity and the feeling I get when seeing it is all about charm and timeless chicness. Here are a few examples of paisley inspired spaces:

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Danish Bungalow

Bungalow is a shop in Denmark owned by a very sweet lady who’s obsessed with florals, paisley and all Indian patterns. While traveling a lot to India and South Asia, Minna couldn’t help herself but fall in love with all the craftiness and the very inspiring people she met there. So in 2004 she decided to start her own business and now, after 6 years, she has a pretty famous bungalow, she’s been featured in magazines and I guess she made her dream come true! Worth admiration, isn’t it? Be sure you fall in love with the products from the Bungalow, they’re too cute!


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