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Color of 2013: Emerald green

So in one of my last posts I said I’ll be posting every day and I failed at that, but in my defense I can say that I had a reason – a fussy baby (enough said, right?). Anyway, today I’d like to add my two cents to the topic of Pantone choosing Emerald green as the color of 2013. I already expressed my affection for this color in previous posts having no clue that this color will have such a big impact on the design scene at some point – I guess I have foreseen a trend without even knowing it :). The richness of this shade is mesmerizing, showing a whole new level of green – a dense hue that screams refinement and elegance. I like how modern emerald green feels, definitely not the boring green one might expect :).

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Color report: Tangerine Tango

You probably all heard that Pantone named the color of 2012 Tangerine Tango. Just like its last year’s sister – honeysuckle – tangerine is a rich, bright hue which leaves a big impact on a room if used right. Accessories, a wall, a rug or a sofa will bring a cheery vibe into your home, tangerine will simply make your space warmer, happier, more modern and home-y. Of course, tangerine will be equally often used in fashion industry (I think the trend was clearly seen already in 2011, right?). Lipstick, nail polish, silky dresses – all tangerine colored will definitely make for a bright year!

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Honeysuckle – color of 2011

No surprise that recently Pantone named the color of the new year and this is Honeysuckle! This is a reddish-pink shade, something in between fuchsia and pink. I love everything pink, from soft pale to hot pink to fuchsia – I’ll take it all (if you have doubts, check this post and this, this, this, this and this :D). Here’s what honeysuckle looks like:

Long before Pantone called Honeysuckle the color of 2011, designers were feeling the trend without even knowing about the great importance this pink will have the forthcoming year. One of those designers is Grant K. Gibson. The teenage-girl bedroom he designed a few months back for Elle Decor showroom is in this gorgeous color (honeysuckle, that is). Little did he know he’ll be a trend setter. The wallcovering is to die for and all the pink details are sure to make you drool! And me too. Here is the famous and all the way stunning bedroom:

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