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Unexpected color

Hi friends! Happy Sunday, I hope you’re enjoying yet another end of the week. It’s so dreary outside that I can’t help but crave some color (but we all know I always crave it, so no big deal now :)). I came across some rooms where color is used in the most unexpected way – radiators! Who would think a radiator can be the focal point of a room, right? The idea in my opinion is quite amazing and so easy! Ah, if only we (or at least I) would have the guts to do it :)

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Color+inspiration: pink & neon yellow

I’m mesmerized by how well the combination of pink and neon yellow works both in home decor and fashion! I mean not that I’m surprised, fashion-wise this is a match made in heaven, but who knew that these two modern and so bright colors will perfectly blend in interior design? This post pretty much proved it to me a while back though – let’s just say it struck me harder today :). I’m in love with unexpected color combos and at this point neon yellow and pink is on top of my favorites. What’s your fave color combo at the moment?

The pumps are gorgeous too, but check how insanely good-looking is that Jonathan Adler serving bowl? Don’t think it can get any better. Or it can – neon yellow bed and a hot pink bedding? Pretty awesome:

I’m sold, now just to convince the husband about how cool would we be if we paint our room in pink and add punches of neon yellow :). I better forget about it.

*collage:  image, bowl, bracelet, flats, pumps; 2nd image via design*sponge

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Living room of the week

Loving this living room BIG TIME! The pastel, peony-pink drapes are beyond feminine and when combined with chocolate cushions and golden accents – you know you’re in for a treat! Such a living room can’t get anymore perfect, can it?!

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend! xo

*image via House and home

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Pink Monday

I wish you all a fabulous Monday, week, month (is it really October?). Today I’m treating you to a dose of pink glamour, hoping it will make your day pink and well, glamorous :)

*image 1 – unknown, 2

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Last days of summer

I have to admit I’m being sad that summer days are almost over. I know the other day I was craving pastel colored homes, but today I’m back again at happy yellows, bright pinks and turquoise – I’m the person who can never have too much of this. Or summer, that’s why I’m a bit nostalgic today. Dear summer, it was amazing having you with us. Till we meet again – love, L. This is an homage to you, you rock!

Happy Hump day!

*image via Amy Butler design

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Happy weekend

Hello, dears! I’m here to wish you all a very happy weekend, relax and enjoy it as much as you can :). I have no plans for this weekend, perhaps finishing some things around the house, some cooking and lots of sleeping (yes, I can be boring sometimes). Speaking of sleeping, how cool is this bedroom? The colors are fantastic, right? What are your plans for this (for some of you long) weekend? Happy Labor Day to those who celebrate! xo

*image via Plush Palate

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Monday mood: fairy dust

Hello, loves! Just thought I’d do a short post that will hopefully set the mood for the entire week. Because we love pink and because each of us needs some fairy dust every now and then:)

I hope your week starts off on the right side, smile and everything will look brighter! I’ll be back with another post a bit later. xo

*images 1, 2, 3

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Color+Inspiration: Pink+Orange

Perhaps it’s the anticipation of spring or Valentine’s day which happens to be today (see my post dedicated to it here), but I’m really attracted by bold, bright and so passionate hues such as orange and pink, particularly about this combo. The vibrant color combination shouts modern and daring and while I thik it might be too much for a living room, it certainly looks amazing in a girl’s room, kitchen or seen in smaller details such as rugs, bedding, curtains so on. Oh not to mention that pink+orange left its marks in fashion too! Various designers have their spring/summer collections around this combo and it totally looks chic!

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Honeysuckle – color of 2011

No surprise that recently Pantone named the color of the new year and this is Honeysuckle! This is a reddish-pink shade, something in between fuchsia and pink. I love everything pink, from soft pale to hot pink to fuchsia – I’ll take it all (if you have doubts, check this post and this, this, this, this and this :D). Here’s what honeysuckle looks like:

Long before Pantone called Honeysuckle the color of 2011, designers were feeling the trend without even knowing about the great importance this pink will have the forthcoming year. One of those designers is Grant K. Gibson. The teenage-girl bedroom he designed a few months back for Elle Decor showroom is in this gorgeous color (honeysuckle, that is). Little did he know he’ll be a trend setter. The wallcovering is to die for and all the pink details are sure to make you drool! And me too. Here is the famous and all the way stunning bedroom:

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Soft pinks

Good morning, sweets! Will kick off this blogging day with the perfect image of how do I feel right now, so nothing smart or informative, just some pretty pictures in soft pink shades, because I’m a girl after all and feminine colors are right up my alley. It’s snowing outside, so everything feels so romantic and dreamy, I’ve lighted a candle and am enjoying some ‘me’ moments. Will be back later today with another post, meantime here is some soft pink bliss.

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