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Love affair with: PLUM color

Not sure what has gotten onto me these days, but I’m having a serious crush on plum color. Perhaps it’s because of its elegance and deep sexiness, one thing is clear – with a white background, a pop of plum looks gorgeous and very royal! I’m liking the idea of a Scandinavian inspired room where it’s all so clean and minimalist with a statement piece in a deep plum shade – sounds delicious, right?

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Everyday fabulous {October 5th, 2010}

The image I came across today is STUNNING and I needed to share it with you! You guys will be amazed by the colors you’ll see and not because of an abundance of colors, but by a subtle yet contrasting combo of two shades. I’m speechless!

*image via skona hem

OMG! Normally I’d never think about combining these two colors, but the way they look here together is just fantastic, beyond words! I think the combo is BRILLIANT! P.S. This kitchen is pretty fabulous too, right (besides colors)? What do you think?

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