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Lovely prints from ConiLab

I love when I’m contacted by readers who are also designers/artists and I get to be introduced to their work. Blogland is huge and it’s impossible to know everyone’s work (and what are the odds to just stumble upon talented personalities?). So I’m grateful when I receive sweet emails which are informative all at once. Case in point, I’d like to introduce you to Coni Della Vedova, graphic designers behind ConiLab, based in Barcelona, Spain. She designs adorable posters using 100% handmade serigraphy (aka screen printing) and I fell in love with them – even considering buying some for our baby‘s nursery :)

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Hi, dears! It’s Saturday and before signing off until Monday I wanted to introduce you to Valéry Goulet, Edmonton-based designer and illustrator and owner of Valerydesignwrks. Valéry contacted me yesterday and kindly offered to take a look at her work, just in case I may like it. And I did look. And I don’t regret at all! I’m usually not blogging about illustrations, but this time I couldn’t not to, her designs are too cute! And besides illustrations Valéry also is creating beautifully patterned wallpapers, pillow covers, calendars, note cards, sweet clocks and wall decals. And people, I fell in love! The patterns Valéry is using are just as gorgeous as you’d imagine, the perfect PERFECT place to use them would be a lovely nursery or kid’s room! I’m absolutely encouraging you to visit her Etsy shop, online boutique and site for more eye-candy, meantime here’s a sneak peek:

Wallpaper pattern

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Decoylab Design Studio

Hi everyone! How are you today? I can’t wait for the weekend, so I’m happy we’re at Wednesday now. First thing I’m gonna blog about today is a shop and design studio I stumbled upon few weeks ago. The owner of Decoylab, Maiko Kuzunishi,  started her business by making decorative clocks from bamboo or paper, but now she has extended shop’s activity and she’s making posters, prints, pins etc. I love the clocks she’s making, they’re extremely sweet and they come in lots of colors, so great as you can choose the one you need. Decoylab Etsy shop and online portfolio made a perfect start of the day for me!

*Please note that most of the products are eco-friendly.



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The Love Shop

Recently I stumbled upon an Etsy shop which took my heart immediately. It’s called The love shop and you can find there lots of printed quotes or simply nice words. All of them come in different colors and would be a great detail to any interior!

P.S. My favorites are some French love prints, they’re so full of Paris! Happy Friday!

all you need is love

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