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Friday reminder

A nice saying for a happy weekend that I’m wishing to all of you, dears! Thank you for stopping by this week – I’m expecting you all back here next week, right? :)

Enjoy a very happy weekend! xo

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Motivation wednesday

There’s not much to add to this saying. I really just want you to remember this and just follow your dream. And no, nobody said it will be easy yet we all know it will be worth it. But that’s another quote, dears :). xoxo!


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“Keep looking and don’t settle”

I never took the time to speak about Steve Jobs and how truly sad I feel he passed away, but today I thought a great way to honour him would be to share with you one of his greatest quotes that deserves to be framed by every single person on this Planet and hung in an office, living room, kitchen – everywhere!

“Keep looking and don’t settle.” – thank you, Steve Jobs.

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Mantra of the day

It’s been a crazy week over here, so today I’ll make it fast and simple (it’s Thursday after all, which to me feels like not yet Friday, but definitely not Mon-Wed work mode). Anyway, here’s a reminder we should all frame and put on the fridge, I mean it! The words are so true and the quote is motivating (to be grateful and stop seeking perfection).

* source

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Quote of the day

Hello and sorry I’ve been away today! I went back to work after my surgery and it took me some time to get back on track. I’m sure you know what I mean (it’s the same after vacations :D). On another note, not sure you knew, but I’m a huge quote nerd. I love them and very often quotes inspire me, motivate or relax me. I have a board on Pinterest full of quotes which make me happy. Today I thought the one from above is perfect: “Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept“. The second part is priceless! Hope you’re having a great week!

*quote via tumblr

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