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Pinteresting randomness

Hi, my darlings!!! It’s been a while since I posted something new and I’m deeply sorry to have been away. These days I was feeling over-inspired and in a creative block all at once, believe it’s no easy state of mind (in fact, it sounds crazy and impossible, but believe me – it happened to me and it’s not fun at all!). So as a therapeutic procedure I’m choosing random inspiring images I come across daily on Pinterest (if you feel like checking my awesome pins, click here :)) – with some gorgeous interiors, little fashion and a few delicious treats I’m sure I’ll be just fine :).

Oh and guess what, creamylife was featured on House Beautiful the other day in their ‘What we’re reading this week’ column! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it, needless to mention how excited and honored I feel – this definitely made my day :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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“This is glamorous”

We all need a bit of glamorous every once in a while. The need increases on cold winter days when there’s not much of it our clothing and living, generally speaking. So to get your dose of everything beautiful, glittery, feminine head to This is Glamorous tumblr (my new virtual crush). The place is gorgeous – I promise, you won’t regret.

Have a lovely start of the week!

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Pretty Pictures

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent today and left you with no post! I have no excuse, I know! Try to forgive me as I’ve been a bit busy, all day out and about. I’ll be back to blogging tomorrow, but meantime here are some pretty random images found via my pinterest.

How are you all? What are you up to?

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