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Unexpected color

Hi friends! Happy Sunday, I hope you’re enjoying yet another end of the week. It’s so dreary outside that I can’t help but crave some color (but we all know I always crave it, so no big deal now :)). I came across some rooms where color is used in the most unexpected way – radiators! Who would think a radiator can be the focal point of a room, right? The idea in my opinion is quite amazing and so easy! Ah, if only we (or at least I) would have the guts to do it :)

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Dabble mag {hints of red}

Dabble magazine‘s new issue launched few days ago and since I never got to introduce you to it, I thought now would be the perfect moment. Do check it out, meantime here are two images that caught my eye with their red chicness. Great job, Dabble mag team!

How insanely gorgeous is this space? Chevron, red-black-white, catchy patterns, eclectic and chic – i for one LOVE it!

What about this bedroom? Wall decals never looked more stylish :)

*images via dabble

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Weekend inspiration

Happy weekend, darlings! This weekend I’m going to be inspired by bold hues and this picture is pretty much what I’m talking about: hot fuchsia, olive (and a hit of apple) green and red – looks to me like a very lovely combo, no?

Happy 4th of July to all my friends who celebrate (still remembering last year’s color inspiration post dedicated to this holiday – oldie, but goodie!). See you next week! xo

*image via the city sage

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Color+Inspiration: Aqua+Red

What’s with this combo, I get to see plenty of it and it’s literally everywhere – in the kitchen, in the patio, in the living room and at parties! Well, I can totally understand the trend, bright and fresh aqua looks fabulous with hot, daring red – it’s like something you’d never put together yet which looks fantastic when combined. You know what I mean, right?

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Living Red

Hello, friends! Hope your weekend is going good! Today I’m dreaming about living in a red apartment/house/at least one room :). This color is so inspiring, isn’t it? I know I already have a blog post about red inspiration, but I just couldn’t resist not to do it once again. So here I am, living red :).


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Color+Inspiration: Red

Hello everyone! Didn’t post anything today, missed you all a lot! Actually, I was meditating, trying to get inspired of something :). I did get inspired by… guess what?.. colors! We all love colors and color combos, that’s why my goal is to spread some colorful inspiration every day (at least I will try)!

Today I’m inspired by red and you’ll definitely understand why. You know, Valentine’s Day and all that romance…

red living room


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