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Decorate for a Scandinavian Christmas

Since last year I also posted about a Scandinavian Christmas I thought I would make of it a tradition and bring a bit of Scandinavian in your life every year. This year is a bunch of pictures to inspire you to have your own Scandinavian inspired Christmas, no matter where you are. I know I’d LOVE this year the Scandinavian Christmas tree, which is so much different than trees you can see in the States or Europe: with few decorations, with twinkle lights, in a bucket – these are the main details a Scandinavian Christmas tree shows off. Oh and don’t forget about the (faux) fur – it’s quite an important part of a Scandi inspired home decor (and not only for Christmas), right?

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Scandinavian Christmas

I’m contemplating today all things Scandinavian and Christmas and so a post about Scandinavian Christmas decorating sounds perfect! I know there are maybe too many Christmas post around here these days, but I really feel like this is such a warm holiday and I love you all so much that I need to put down my holiday wishes for you by writing these posts. I know many of you love Scandinavian style and so I hope you’ll like this post!

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