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A day in Novi Sad

Hello, my lovelies! I missed you so SO much, I’ve been visiting my parents the time I was away, so thank you for understanding the lack of posts (I was offline for the entire time, but not because of Internet connection – I decided to disconnect for awhile and get some rest). Now I’m back and cannot wait to get back to my little routine (who would’ve thought I’d like my routine, right?). Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics in my home country, but today the husband and I had a little trip and visited Novi Sad, a beautiful city in Serbia and I did take pictures that I’d like to share with you. The architecture I’ve seen today was beyond amazing and if you know what is Novi Sad all about, you know that this is a peaceful, old town, with tiny streets which feel untouched time-wise. All in all, a place you must visit if you happen to be in Serbia!

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Being a tourist: part 1

So…Some time ago I saw on Anna’s blog, Door sixteen, her post Let’s pretend we’re tourists, made up of pictures she was taking while walking through New York streets, pretending she’s, well, a tourist :). Today, inspired by the lovely Anna I decided to do the same – be a tourist! And it wasn’t that hard, after all I moved to Belgrade nine months ago and there are moments when I do feel a real tourist! So, I took my camera and to downtown I went! Please join me in my trip all the way to Europe, to a beautiful country called Serbia and its capital, Belgrade!


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