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Wooden dream in Southern Spain

Hello, everyone! It’s Monday and it’s 1st of November, which means a new start of the week AND of the month! Can you believe it’s already November? So, the traditional Serbian Monday is off today (the article about another Serbian artist is postponed until next week due to a few complications), so I have for you today a delightful home tour. You saw that lately I’ve been very enamored with the warmth of a wooden home, paired with crispy white walls and bright popping details everywhere, so this home in Southern Spain is my dream home, people! The very first second I saw it, it took my breath away and just made my heart skip a beat! The home brings warmth, a home-y atmosphere and the perfect feeling for a happy life! The thrifted vintage accessories add a bohemian touch, to only increase the level of charm! Here are some pictures:

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