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Exciting Announcement!!!

Hello, friends! How have you been? It’s Thursday and I’m so happy to be so close to the weekend! This week has been hectic over here, I’ve been working on a new project the idea of which came to my mind long time ago, I was so excited about it that I wanted to accomplish it as soon as possible!

So ladies and gents, please meet my new ‘baby’:

Yay, so excited! I founded The Sartorialist for Belgrade, sort of :). It’s unbelievable how many people are lusting after a street style site here yet nobody seems to have time to just do it. Well, I’m the one – Belgrade street style is on its way! I was waiting for a new camera to start this site and since my awesome husband bought it for me a few days ago, we immediately started working on the site (which will be up very soon!), business cards are ready to be printed and I’m already on the hunt for stylish people on the street to shoot them :).

I must say a huge ‘thank you’ to my husband for his immense support and help, I wouldn’t be able to do this without him! I love you, my darling!

While the site is still under construction, feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, for even more eye-candy, fresh ideas and outfits!

Don’t be worried, friends, creamylife will still be updated every day, so no changes here :)

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Style board: October ’10

And here we are in the month of October. It’s still unknown for me where did September go (not to mention the whole nine months of 2010!). This new month brings a new fashion board or how I say an outfit which would rock my world in October. And if you’re curious to know, the weather here has been chilly, rainy and cloudy for a month already and as much as I’m hoping for another warm day or two, I need to face it bravely, fall is (more than) officially settled down here! Sigh…

*created with polyvore

Skinny jeans are a must these days, you know? I wouldn’t change them for anything! And then this sweater smiled right at me, with that pretty oversized flower. On a rainy day, the key to staying dry are waterproof boots (like this black and gray Burberry pair) and a coat, which happens to be quite amazing! Another must is the bag (and not only on rainy days, but always!). I know this outfit may seem boring and dull, so that’s why a good way of cheering things up are a colorful scarf and a flirty umbrella (how cute are those hearts?). As long as I stay warm and dry, I don’t care too much that I have plenty of black and gray on me, which actually can look very stylish, right?

What will you wear in October?

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