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Design trend: Striped ceiling in a nursery

Is it only me or you also noticed that more and more designers and decorators when planning a nursery have a striped ceiling in there? I mean, I love stripes and I’ve proven it to you many times, but there’s just something I don’t get it: why striped ceiling in a nursery? Do babies feel happier when looking up and seeing stripes? Perhaps…If you have an idea why is this trend settling in, please share it with me, I’m VERY curious to know :)

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Cheer up with yellow and stripes

Happy Tuesday, sweets! I apologize for being absent yesterday, things were crazy busy and it looked like the day flew by without me noticing it! Today, since outside is so cloudy and gray, I prepared a perfect post and I mean a post to cheer you up! We all love stripes (proven many times!) and yellow, so here’s an idea of how to cheer up your kitchen or any other room using the two details: with a striped rug and some pretty daffodils you’re sure to transform a room into a sunny place!

*image via rue magazine

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Caramel, stripes, industrial, modern

I know that the title might be a bit confusing, but you’ll understand what I meant. Seems to me that industrial oriented designs will never fade, there’ll always be someone who’ll dig metal coffee tables and lamps, worn off storage drawers and things like this which are absolutely charming, in my opinion. Even more when you go with vintage thrifted furniture and accessories – that’s a bomb of a combination. However, I’m thinking that perhaps a few feminine details won’t hurt? Something like a caramel sofa or a cozy blanket. Well, the possibilities are unlimited and it’s just up to you how to decorate your home. Here’s a picture which inspired me to no end! I bet you’ll understand why :)

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Striped Stripes

Hey everyone! How is your week so far? I must confess, I can’t wait for weekend, to spend some good moments with my husband and just do nothing! Alright, besides weekend, I’m still dreaming about summer and sun and beach! That’s another thing I can’t wait for. Maybe a bit of nautical style will help, what do you think? And what is nautical without stripes?


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