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Last days of summer

I have to admit I’m being sad that summer days are almost over. I know the other day I was craving pastel colored homes, but today I’m back again at happy yellows, bright pinks and turquoise – I’m the person who can never have too much of this. Or summer, that’s why I’m a bit nostalgic today. Dear summer, it was amazing having you with us. Till we meet again – love, L. This is an homage to you, you rock!

Happy Hump day!

*image via Amy Butler design

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“Summer lovin”

For today’s post I chose something breezy and relaxing – it’s Friday and it’s the perfect moment to set the mood for the weekend (which is just few hours away, yay!). It’s already July (really, where did June go?!), but I have to admit that I hadn’t tried yet that summer bliss in the form of late afternoons, patio drinks, picnics by the lake and lazy days on the beach – I feel terribly exhausted at the moment and all this sounds way more than just perfect. Have you gotten some of this summer-y deliciousness? Have you had a vacation yet? If so, where did you go, I want to know everything about it! :)

Happy weekend, loves!

*images via rue magazine

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Summer house inspiration

Hi everyone! Are you ready for the weekend? I’m so looking forward to it, I can see a pool in my near future and lots and I mean LOTS of drinks to cool me down. So in honor of summer I thought I can bring up to your attention some inspiration for summer houses, where we can escape for a summer getaway to enjoy this time at its best. A girl can dream, right? How would my summer house be? So glad you asked! First it needs to be light in decorations, with bright colors here and there (just to keep the summer-y look in the home), with no clutter or sophistication! Mostly white color and breezy feeling is a must, freshly picked flowers from the garden is a huge bonus! A relaxed atmosphere which will make me forget about everything in this world is what I’d opt to have in my summer home.

What about you? How is your dream summer home?

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