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Home tour: Vintage, Scandinavian and colorful

Well, I guess the title said it all – I’m now sharing with you a home located in Sweden, Scandinavian to the core with pops of bright colors and vintage accessories (after all the owner, Leah, is a vintage furniture shop owner – is that a dream job or what?). Aaand Leah’s favorite color is yellow (which dominates throughout the house) – can I move in?

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Summer house with a Scandinavian twist

And here I am again asking myself what do Swedish and Danish people have that we all don’t? Is it something about the air or we’re simply meant to be different? You’re probably wondering why am I asking this, right? Well, have you seen better homes than those in Sweden and Denmark? Whether we’re speaking about interior designers or just people who like to decorate, they’re equally talented and the outcome (i.e. homes) is just stunning! I’ve been featuring lots of Scandinavian home tours here on the blog, so here is one more, a summer house to die for!

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Home Tour: Vanilla Dream

Vanilla Dream is a white home located in Sweden, where a family of four live their vanilla dream. The couple renovated their home completely, starting with ceilings and finishing with floors. And it’s truly impressive what they’ve done, the white cottage looks so classic styled and very charming as I think they white bleached floors are what give to the home the feeling of a modern place. That home is dreamy indeed and I hope you’ll enjoy the tour:

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