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Awaiting for spring

Hi all! Quick post about one thing I look forward to the most – warm weather, spring breeze and the outdoor fun!!! Can you relate? The weather now is pretty unpredictable – sun in the morning, rain afternoon etc. which is quite annoying. How is the weather treating you?

So now I’m crossing my fingers that soon spring will settle in and we’ll have plenty of picnics, birds chirping and we’ll forget about the dreary days we had more than enough this winter. Here’s some inspiration for an outdoor soiree that is simply gorgeous, with golden accents yet a very neutral design.

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Take me out

Today I wish I spent my days outdoors instead of being trapped in the office, surrounded by dear people who gathered around a table in my yard where the centerpiece is a huge vase filled with hydrangeas. I wish I served fresh lemonade and vanilla cupcakes, enjoying this blissful time till the sun goes down and then enjoying again a gorgeous sunset. I wish we all spent our days like that, don’t you?

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Neon wedding table setting

With neon being everywhere for the past year or so, we can’t escape the trend no matter how hard we try. So we can only do the best of it and use it in chic, bold ways. Like have a neon color palette for decorating a wedding. Sounds insane, right? Not if you set limits and decorate with neon within them. Then you can achieve a fashionable and very cool look that will wow everyone. Here’s a table setting to inspire you if you plan a wedding/shower/birthday party anytime soon:

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Breakfast in the countryside

I wish my breakfasts would be so attractive and chic, with fresh blooms, coffee, pancakes and orange juice. Oh and the outdoor setting is a must too, with greenery all around and crisp morning air to wish me a great day. Sigh, daydreaming.

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Happy Saturday, friends! It’s a gorgeous day outside, so I’m going to take full advantage of it (especially since they announced rain and low temps from tomorrow – ugh). Brunch at your favorite coffee shop, lunch by the river and dinner al-fresco is all we should do days like these :). I hope you’re going to do the same thing! Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. Thank you for stopping by – you’re awesome!


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Spring greens and blues

With the spring being here, I can’t help but be inspired by its freshness and brightness. Spring’s green color is my absolute favorite shade and the blue – well, it always feels airy and clean, so this combo is a perfect addition to anything especially after a dreary winter. That’s why I was so smitten by this table setting and the room itself – I could feel the smell of spring through the pictures!

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Lovely palette: navy-white-green

It’s finally Friday, friends! But for me it’s more than that – it’s also Christmas eve today and Christmas celebration tomorrow. Yes, might look to you we’re like living on another Planet, but that’s how it is – our Christmas is in January (cool kids like me celebrate it on December 25th and January 7th, so all is well).

How did your 2012 start off? Have you put your resolutions on paper yet? I haven’t, but I have only two or three, so there’s not much need for me to do it.

On another note, the two images below kept popping out all day today so I just couldn’t ignore how refreshing the color palette is: navy, white and green – totally gorgeous, feels like a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy the weekend!

*images 1 via decor8, 2 via style me pretty, both found via pinterest

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Fall al-fresco dining

With the cold days upon us the only thing I want to do is cuddle up under a blanket; going out is the last on that list (unless is not raining and the air is crispy). But lately I find myself daydreaming about dining al-fresco, surrounded by all the gorgeous fall colors and scents, by a fire with a dear group of people. Oh and some delicious food is involved in my daydreaming – the thought itself makes me hungry :).

By the way, this post is a great inspiration for a Thanksgiving table setting – what are you up to this year? Staying indoors or going al-fresco?

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Oh, Monday…

Hello to all my dearest creamylifers! How was your weekend? Is it fall where you are (and I mean for real)? Here we have pretty warm weather, sunny yet just perfect for wearing light sweaters and scarves, so what can I say – I’m totally loving it and wish it lasts for a very long while! Are you back to sweaters just yet or you can’t let go of summer? :)

No matter how your weather is, I hope you’re doing great, sweets! Here’s to a wonderful week! Happy Monday!

How gorgeous is this table setting (below). I’m loving the pretty mugs with numbers, they can be used in so many ways!

*images by dreamy whites via houzz

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Good morning

Happy Thursday! I’m wishing you a very good morning and let me congratulate you (and myself) – it’s almost Friday! Why does this feeling make us happy? Oh well, no matter why, I still love to wake up on a Thursday knowing that the work week is close to be done! Anyway, enjoy the day!

*image via everything fab

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