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Awaiting for spring

Hi all! Quick post about one thing I look forward to the most – warm weather, spring breeze and the outdoor fun!!! Can you relate? The weather now is pretty unpredictable – sun in the morning, rain afternoon etc. which is quite annoying. How is the weather treating you?

So now I’m crossing my fingers that soon spring will settle in and we’ll have plenty of picnics, birds chirping and we’ll forget about the dreary days we had more than enough this winter. Here’s some inspiration for an outdoor soiree that is simply gorgeous, with golden accents yet a very neutral design.

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Spring greens and blues

With the spring being here, I can’t help but be inspired by its freshness and brightness. Spring’s green color is my absolute favorite shade and the blue – well, it always feels airy and clean, so this combo is a perfect addition to anything especially after a dreary winter. That’s why I was so smitten by this table setting and the room itself – I could feel the smell of spring through the pictures!

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Tablescape idea: Burlap

Fall is so ready to step in and so are the holidays that come with it. That’s why I thought it would be nice to blog about table setting ideas, hoping you might get an idea or two for your upcoming get together-s with close friends and loving family. First of all I’ll write about burlap used as tablecloth, as the idea has me hooked and won’t let go :). The rustic feeling burlap gives to a setting is beyond heart-warming and cozy, so I highly recommend giving it a try.

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