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Blogger to blogger: Scoutie Girl

Hello everyone! This week I have another great blogger to guest post as a part of the series meant to help us all with blogging and just everything that crosses your mind blog related! I’m very proud to welcome Tara Gentile, the creative, motivating and just genius mind behind Scoutie Girl and Tara Gentile! Awhile back I subscribed to Tara’s free e-course (which I recommend to all!) and was smitten by all the useful info, positive emails I was getting from Tara and one thing is clear for me: this lady knows what she’s talking about and her site is the perfect place to look for motivation and advice! And so I invited Tara to share some things with us and here she is! Don’t forget to take notes!

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Blogger to blogger: decor8

Hello, friends! I’m so excited to announce the next fantastic blogger who’ll be sharing tips and advice for a better blogging. You all know her, we all admire her – ladies and gents, please welcome Holly Becker of decor8!!! I cannot believe I have Holly on creamylife to do a guest post as a part of my ‘blogger to blogger’ series! I’m honored, happy and I could burst of excitement! Holly was SO kind to take the time to answer some questions I sent her, so without further ado, please enjoy your time with the amazing, inspiring and so super-cute Holly Becker!

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DIY: Candleholders made from cement

Hello everybody! It’s me again, again I’ll write about DIY and again Kate from Centsational Girl! You’ll ask why? Because she’s a genius! For example the idea of what I will write about now came to her during the night! For me this is enough to call her genius :). And in the middle of the night Kate thought of making candleholders from cement! We all like candles, it gives to the atmosphere a really romantic and sexy touch, doesn’t it? So, that’s why I think that the tutorial for making candleholders will be appropriate now, when we’re so close to Valentine’s Day! Meantime, check these beautiful creations and Do It Yourself! :)

cement candleholders1cement candleholders2cement candleholders3cement candleholders4cement candleholders5cement candleholders

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Passionate by…

One more thing that I simply adore…weddings and everything concerning this! Exactly, one more category which I will dedicate a lot of time to :). Wedding day is one of the most important and special day in somebody’s life, that’s why it requires time, patience and perfection in absolutely each detail! Once you’ve had this, rely on great memories and pride that once you had the best planned and the most beautiful wedding ever! And I will tell you a small secret, me and my husband had a wonderful wedding in September 2009, but we’ll have one more, the church part, in couple months, so blogging about this will be much help for myself! And of course, if you have interesting ideas or even pictures from your own wedding or friends’ wedding, feel free to send them to me on my e-mail, I will certainly consider posting them on CreamyLife!

Here’s a picture from our wedding, kinda unusual to see a bride in a coral color dress, don’t you think so? ;)


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