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Must visit in Belgrade – Moritz Eis

Hello, sweets! I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday and to make sure you do so I have a delicious post today. It’s about a local ice cream shop that just rocks big time! If you live in Belgrade you know the place and you’ll more than just agree with me – Moritz Eis is THE place to go if you’re craving yummy ice cream in a billion of flavors! Or if you’d like to indulge in some modern and neat ambient. Amazing ice cream and appealing interior is a killer combo and I highly recommend visiting Moritz Eis if you happen to come here :)

PS. This is not a sponsored post, I just adore that place and thought I’d share my obsession with you!

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Back to reality

Well, hello friends! As I told you on my Facebook page, the lack of posts these past weeks was because I took a break and went to vacation – to Italy to be more precise. We had an amazing 10-day trip visiting Trieste, Venice, Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano and of course enjoying Tuscany – the most picturesque region on Earth. It was awesome to just disconnect from the outside world and enjoy the little things Italy has to offer: gelato (supposedly the best in the world), various pizzas and pastas that are equally delicious etc., but also to get to know the huge, historical value of this country. It was tough to come back to reality, but good thing we have lots of pictures we can stare at now, when our vacation is over :).

Have you visited Italy? If so, where did you go and what would you highlight (Florence’s palaces are my absolute favorite)?

*pictures by me and my husband

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Must-visit spot: The Grand Mosque

Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to Abu Dhabi for a relaxing vacation filled with sightseeing? Wouldn’t it be awesome to see The Grand Mosque there (also called Sheikh Zayed Mosque)? I’m daydreaming right now about that and luckily I can also see some pictures shot by Jamie from the beautiful From me to you who happens to be there now. That place is indeed grand and so majestic. So much attention to details, I was left speechless upon seeing those images. Remembering the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ I leave you now to see everything by yourself. More pictures in Jamie’s blog post.

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Weekend destination: Perivolas

TGIF!!! I’m afraid I say this every Friday, but I’m really REALLY happy the weekend is almost here. I had a hectic week all being a part of an insane period in my life, with way too many ups and downs. I know well the story that you’re the owner and creator of your destiny, but will you believe if I say that sometimes there are other factors that have so much bigger influence on my life than myself? By no meaning I want to spread negative vibes through my blog, that’s why I’ll stop here with my confessions and share instead a gorgeous hotel located in Santorini, Greece – Perivolas! I have nothing else left than just to daydream about it and intensively visualise myself there (you know how they say – ‘when you visualise, you materialize’) – this place is too amazing to be left unshared :).

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