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Last days of summer

I have to admit I’m being sad that summer days are almost over. I know the other day I was craving pastel colored homes, but today I’m back again at happy yellows, bright pinks and turquoise – I’m the person who can never have too much of this. Or summer, that’s why I’m a bit nostalgic today. Dear summer, it was amazing having you with us. Till we meet again – love, L. This is an homage to you, you rock!

Happy Hump day!

*image via Amy Butler design

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Wren’s nursery

Wren is an adorable baby girl of the lovely Holly from Life in the fun lane. Holly did an amazing job by putting together her baby’s room, it’s decorated with two of my favorite colors: white and turquoise in different shades. The room looks very elegant due to the white, but so cheery and fun thanks to turquoise! I loved it and I think it’s a must-see for moms-to-be, the perfect place to get inspired! Oh and by the way, you will see the turquoise in Martha Stewart pom poms which I simply adore and been looking for tutorials to make them myself. If you know some, please share!

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Turquoise eye-candy

It’s 1 am here and I’m still awake (I guess energy drinks do work?!), so I thought I’d share some inspirational turquoise images with all of you. You know I love turquoise and turquoise images are making me so so happy! I always feel overwhelmed when I see them, my heart starts beating faster and I can’t help myself! So, now when searching for pictures on my favorite House of Turquoise, I already couldn’t stop, I wanted more and more and I’m just sad I can’t include a lot (!) of pictures in my blog post.


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More Turquoise

Erin from House of Turquoise is obsessed with this color! You can’t imagine how much of turquoise she has on her blog! But I enjoy this, because I’m an inactive turquoise fan. Inactive it means that I love it, I’m just less addicted to it :). Anyways, Erin’s blog is great, so bright and so…turquoise! Love it! Here is some turquoise inspiration for those of you who share the love for this color, as we do! 100% worth reading Erin’s blog!

P.S. Don’t forget that turquoise is the main color of 2010, you just must consider adding it to your life!

*Photo courtesy of House of Turquoise


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Turquoise – the color of 2010


British decoration center Dulux named the main color for 2010 and this is Turquoise!

Turquoise is a blue-to-green, opaque color, the name came from French for Turkish :). Some people also say that turquoise is a manifestation of cyan, but I still think they’re 2 different colors and don’t have anything to do with each other. The meaning of this color is very “aery” and optimistic, fresh and transparent. It symbolizes renewal, purity and creates a sense of space. Turquoise is also called the color-tranquilizer, you can’t get tired or bored of it. Doctors recommend this color in treatment of stress and insomnia, so imagine how much benefit can bring to us a turquoise bedroom? Or a piece of clothing or something turquoise! I hope you understood the importance ;).

And if painting your bedroom entirely in blue or turquoise seems too insane, at least make sure you have in your kitchen blue house ware, I mean plates and cups, and in your bedroom turquoise linen :)

Good luck in 2010 with turquoise!

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