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Happy Valentine’s day

Happy love day, sweets! A holiday like this doesn’t need many words, it’s the moment when the feelings take over and that’s really all we need! Thanks for visiting, sending much love and hugs to each one of you! xoxo

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Valentine’s beauty

It’s like just yesterday I was pinning images related to Christmas and look – Valentine’s day is around the corner, I can hardly believe how fast time flies. And while you can see Valentine’s day fever on pretty much every single site/blog, I’ll make it in a different way and show you pretty inspiring pictures about what to give to your loved ones, how to decorate, what to eat – all with a sweet and love-y touch, after all Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love, right?

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79 ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello again, loves! Finally I can call this a day which feels so very soothing and relaxing! But not before I wish you all a wonderful weekend. And since this is the weekend pre-Valentine’s day (did you prepare your love notes yet?) I thought I can introduce you all to a new emag dedicated to this holiday – 79 ideas!. The ridiculously beautiful magazine was put together by the very talented Raru who authors 79 ideas blog and boy, is that emag inspiring! Majorly inspiring! Using the moment I’d like to congratulate Radostina with this stunning project I’m pretty sure she worked hard on to make it that good. Take a look and please join me in giving some applause to the lovely Raru!

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If you host a Valentine’s Day Party…

If you do – here I am to share some ideas with you and to spread some inspiration, maybe :). Ok, Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and now it’s perfect time to think about how to impress your guests at the party or just your lover at the romantic date you’re having on V-Day! First of all, I suggest you to respect the tradition (tough said, isn’t it?) and have pink/red as the main and very important color! Another must-to-have are the cute heart cupcakes and other candy stuff,  below you have some inspiration:


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