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Vintage kitchen

…with a touch of soft mint! I’m totally obsessed with the cabinet which is as vintage and as gorgeous as you can imagine! Add a few vintage stools and you get the perfect kitchen which is both inviting and cool. Open shelving, industrial old lighting – the moment when a picture is worth a thousand words :)

I’m loving the overall look of this kitchen – right up my alley!

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Vintage inspired industrial stools

Lately I’ve been drawn to stools and specifically to industrial stools in a modern kitchen with a vintage twist. I’m loving the contrast between wood kitchen island+cabinets & metal stools, that’s a real statement for a space, don’t you think? And the best part about these stools is that they can be easily found at flea markets and would look stunning without any renovation/restoration. And yes, these stools can also be in different colors, but to be straight I like more their look as if they’d been used for long time, the aged feeling makes them even more charming! Oh and another thing – don’t they look amazing in a rustic inspired kitchen, with all that wood and shabby atmosphere? I think they do! Here are some examples of stools I’d absolutely love to bring into my kitchen!

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And a bit more of vintage

And again a blog post related to kitchen. This time we’ll be safely drowning in vintage style and if to be more precise, in vintage houseware. I must confess something to you, my friends, I’m so sorry for not having anything from my grandparents’ or even grand-grandparents’ homes (it just happened that at that time I was too young to realize I love vintage), that would’ve been so huge treasure of vintage stuff, I would be the happiest. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be and I should be picking up vintage now, whenever I have the opportunity to get one. So, vintage in the kitchen:


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