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Today’s the day…

Well, my friends, happy Sunday to all! As you all know I’m getting married today, although the husband put the ring on my finger nearly a year ago (City Hall part, now we have church part & the party). I know, it’s quite complicated, but you get the point. However, I wanted to stop by today and wish you all loads of happiness, joy and wonderful moments in your life!


Thank you so much for being with me, for all the sweet words and comments, they mean a lot to me! xo, Ludmila

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If it’s raining/snowing on your wedding day…

… Don’t be worried or disappointed that you’ll not take those cute wedding pictures with the sun shining and birds singing :). I’m gonna prove now that a rainy/snowy wedding day can be as beautiful as a sunny wedding can be! And don’t even think about it! If you can’t have the pictures from a sunny wedding day and other brides can, be sure that those brides will never have the magic of a snowy wedding day or the romantic touch of a rainy wedding day!

Inspirational pictures at your service! Enjoy :)

Winter wedding


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Green+Pink+Orange Wedding

OMG! This is the only phrase I can say now, after I saw the pictures of a wedding on Paige One Events. The colors are fabulous: green, fuchsia and orange+pink, a combo that will leave everybody speechless! Now I’m stopping speaking, just take a look and enjoy every picture!


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Simply Delicious

Hey everyone! I’m back again with some stunning post about wedding cakes!!! How yummy they can be, right? What about the decor of these cakes? Adorable and fabulous! Again a lot of words :). These super attractive cakes were sent to me by my one dear friend who is getting married in couple months, so probably this research is dedicated to her wedding. They’re real master pieces she liked a lot!  Anyway, she sent them to be shared with you! :)


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Vintage Wedding

When I saw the bridal dress of this vintage wedding, I thought I will never stop looking at it, it’s so gorgeous! And even I kind of decided about my wedding dress, this one left me under big, huge impression! Actually, the wedding itself was a success, bright colors, combination of blue and purple, what can be cuter? Ok, enough words, here are the pictures:


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My potential wedding look

You remember probably when I told you about me having a wedding in couple months, right? Ok,  I think it’s time to get ready little by little for the wedding, at least by choosing (imaginary) the wedding dress and all the other accessories. I did choose and of course I want to share this with my dear readers and to find out your opinion or even some suggestions, everything would be useful!

1. Wedding dress – the most important! I have couple preferences, what do you think would be better to wear? I prefer the dress from the first picture and I think my wedding dress will look similar :), but the 2nd and 3rd are very cute and modern, so I’m really confused!


2. Wedding shoes – I already made my decision about them!

wedding shoes

3. Wedding veil – I need your help! I have no idea how do I want it to be: short, long or maybe like in the 3rd picture? ;)


4. Wedding glowes – decided!

Wedding dress glove Wedding Accessories Gloves 5001

5. Wedding flowers – my favorite calla! I just didn’t decide about the color yet – white, orange or pink?

bridal bouquet aborange-yellow-white-calla-lily-bridal-bouquetpink-calla-lilies

6. Wedding hairstyle – decided!

7. Wedding accessories: earrings and necklace – decided, PEARLS!


That’s all for now! I know that this is not even a step toward wedding preparations, but still,  it’s better than nothing! I might change, with the time, some decisions, so don’t hesitate to suggest some different ideas, what if I like more yours than mine? :)

Now for real! If you have some great ideas or tips for me, contact me through my e-mail, I’ll be waiting!

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Celebrities on their big day

As you remember, yesterday I wrote about starting to develop a new category: Wedding! And since this is supposed to be my first post, before writing about trends, ideas and tips, I would like to show you wedding dresses which celebrities had when they were getting married.

Take your time to look at all of them and tell me what do you think about them? Although some weddings happened long time ago, the dress are really nice. Would you wear a 50’s wedding dress or you prefer a modern one?

Bianca JaggerBianca Jagger

brigitte bardotBrigitte Bardot

britney spearsBritney Spears

catherine-zeta-jonesCatherine Zeta Jones

christina aguilleraChristina Aguillera

grace kellyGrace Kelly

gwen stefaniGwen Stefani

Jackline KennedyJackline Kennedy

katharine-mcpheeKatharine McPhee


nicole kidmanNicole Kidman

Princess DianaPrincess Diana

Ladies, time to give your votes! :)

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Passionate by…

One more thing that I simply adore…weddings and everything concerning this! Exactly, one more category which I will dedicate a lot of time to :). Wedding day is one of the most important and special day in somebody’s life, that’s why it requires time, patience and perfection in absolutely each detail! Once you’ve had this, rely on great memories and pride that once you had the best planned and the most beautiful wedding ever! And I will tell you a small secret, me and my husband had a wonderful wedding in September 2009, but we’ll have one more, the church part, in couple months, so blogging about this will be much help for myself! And of course, if you have interesting ideas or even pictures from your own wedding or friends’ wedding, feel free to send them to me on my e-mail, I will certainly consider posting them on CreamyLife!

Here’s a picture from our wedding, kinda unusual to see a bride in a coral color dress, don’t you think so? ;)


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