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Winter wedding

Don’t know how about where you are, around here winter is still in full force, with snow and freezing temperatures (I can’t deal with it anymore!). It’s annoying that in March we have this weather and I thought what better way to try seeing the beauty of winter (as hard as it can seem) than by sharing a gorgeous winter wedding shot in Serbia, on Kopaonik (a mountain here). The details and colors are stunning, my jaw literally dropped after seeing the amazing cake, the heart shaped macaroons, the wintery bouquet and how happy the newlyweds were despite the coldness (you can see it through the pictures, brrr!).

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You and Me

Hi guys! After posting every day this week about home decor ideas, for a refreshing change I’d like to introduce you to a stunning newly-launched e-mag You and Me, packed with gorgeous wedding shots, beautiful brides, table decor, DIY and much much more! Another work by Radostina and the team making us dream/remember about blissful wedding moments when nothing else matters except the love which can be felt with every skin cell. The dreamy and romantic photography will take your breath away with its soft glow, so for a dose of beauty I highly recommend checking the magazine.

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My potential wedding look

You remember probably when I told you about me having a wedding in couple months, right? Ok,  I think it’s time to get ready little by little for the wedding, at least by choosing (imaginary) the wedding dress and all the other accessories. I did choose and of course I want to share this with my dear readers and to find out your opinion or even some suggestions, everything would be useful!

1. Wedding dress – the most important! I have couple preferences, what do you think would be better to wear? I prefer the dress from the first picture and I think my wedding dress will look similar :), but the 2nd and 3rd are very cute and modern, so I’m really confused!


2. Wedding shoes – I already made my decision about them!

wedding shoes

3. Wedding veil – I need your help! I have no idea how do I want it to be: short, long or maybe like in the 3rd picture? ;)


4. Wedding glowes – decided!

Wedding dress glove Wedding Accessories Gloves 5001

5. Wedding flowers – my favorite calla! I just didn’t decide about the color yet – white, orange or pink?

bridal bouquet aborange-yellow-white-calla-lily-bridal-bouquetpink-calla-lilies

6. Wedding hairstyle – decided!

7. Wedding accessories: earrings and necklace – decided, PEARLS!


That’s all for now! I know that this is not even a step toward wedding preparations, but still,  it’s better than nothing! I might change, with the time, some decisions, so don’t hesitate to suggest some different ideas, what if I like more yours than mine? :)

Now for real! If you have some great ideas or tips for me, contact me through my e-mail, I’ll be waiting!

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