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Merry Christmas

Happy Friday, friends! We have a festive weekend ahead, so on this cheery note I’m signing off and wishing you all a very merry Christmas! May your holiday be filled with joy and blessings! Thank you all for being just who you are :). xo

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Christmas and the reindeer

There’s a tight connection between these two – have you noticed? Of course you have, a reindeer has been the symbol of a Christmas for a very long time now. I must say, when I see a reindeer next to a Christmas tree I instantly feel so much joy and holiday cheer and I know it wouldn’t be the same without the reindeer part. So no matter the style you’re going with this Christmas, put there a cute reindeer (plastic, paper – it really isn’t important) and you’ll add to your holiday even more festive vibes!

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Happy weekend

It slipped my mind yesterday to welcome you to December (really? is 2011 almost done?). I still can’t believe it, but oh well – one thing is clear – the holiday season is here! Just like I say every year, this is my favorite time of the year and I look forward to setting up the tree, to be snowed in and to enjoy this magical time.

What are you looking forward to? Time with the family? Presents? Perhaps writing down resolutions for 2012?

Have a wonderful weekend, sweets!

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Happy Weekend

I don’t know how about you, but I’m seriously dying to have snow and winter holidays and all this bliss! Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too much winter wonderland shots lately or because the weather smells like winter not only in the morning, but all day…Nonetheless, I’m officially in a winter magic mood and these pictures are too stunning to be ignored.

Happy weekend, friends!

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Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow…

Hey everyone! I was just thinking couple days ago, it’s already middle of December and I still didn’t see snow…What is happening with our world?! Where are those huge snow hills? Where is the winter that we were having when we were kids?! For these questions I didn’t find answers, but I finally saw snow today!!! It was snowing all day long, snowflakes everywhere! I love this! Though I need to confess I don’t really like when it’s cold outside, snowflakes are making me melt and I don’t feel anymore that it’s cold, I just see the magic of the winter, the charming spirit of Christmas and New Year and I become happy at once!!!

So, actually snowflakes are not just small pieces of ice that we can see, they’re much more, each of them has its own world, it’s own texture and shape. And may be they seem so tiny, but they’re beautiful, because they’re all different and now I’ll prove this to you!


These are snowflakes if checked closely, with macro photography. Never thought they can be so beautiful!!!

And these are pictures which my husband took today, isn’t this gorgeous?!


And now, just to remind you how enchanted is the time when it’s snowing, I suggest you to check this out!


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