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Awaiting for spring

Hi all! Quick post about one thing I look forward to the most – warm weather, spring breeze and the outdoor fun!!! Can you relate? The weather now is pretty unpredictable – sun in the morning, rain afternoon etc. which is quite annoying. How is the weather treating you?

So now I’m crossing my fingers that soon spring will settle in and we’ll have plenty of picnics, birds chirping and we’ll forget about the dreary days we had more than enough this winter. Here’s some inspiration for an outdoor soiree that is simply gorgeous, with golden accents yet a very neutral design.

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Happy Friday

Happy friday, friends! After another episode of being MIA I’m here to wish you a happy weekend. I must admit that having a baby is more exhausting than I thought when I said I’ll be posting every day. My baby needs my attention 24/7 and there’s nothing I can do to change it (not that I want to, but let’s face it – every now and then we all need some time for ourselves, whether it’s for updating a blog, having a hot bath or just drinking coffee). Well, I get this chance very rare and when I do I’m usually too tired to even look at my laptop not to mention putting together a post. Just for the record I’m now writing this from my iPhone, that’s the solution I found, let’s hope it lasts :). If you’re wondering how are we, here’s a brief recap of what my days are – my baby is 4 months old today, he’s smiling/crying/pooping/nursing and that is pretty much it, but it’s ok, it still feels like the time flies too fast.

Hope you’re doing good, here’s a picture of my baby I snapped today in case you’d like to see :). Happy Friday!!!


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Unexpected color

Hi friends! Happy Sunday, I hope you’re enjoying yet another end of the week. It’s so dreary outside that I can’t help but crave some color (but we all know I always crave it, so no big deal now :)). I came across some rooms where color is used in the most unexpected way – radiators! Who would think a radiator can be the focal point of a room, right? The idea in my opinion is quite amazing and so easy! Ah, if only we (or at least I) would have the guts to do it :)

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New year, new start

Hi, friends! Welcome to 2013. I hope your holidays were filled with peace, light and merry moments, but it’s now back to reality, as harsh as this may sound. With every new year we all tend to set goals – be happier, eat healthier, work more/less – no matter what are these goals they help us grow in many ways, making us stronger with every achievement. I like setting goals, I enjoy writing them down, it feels like I wrote my life plan for the next twelve months and being a control freak that I am it feels very comfortable knowing I have it all organized this way. I still haven’t finished my 2013 list, but hey – planning ahead asks for responsibility, I’ll just take it slow :)

So my question is, did you write your 2013 resolutions?


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Happy holidays

Hi dears! I’m just stopping by to wish you all happy holidays! This year has been amazing for me and part of that are you, sweet readers who support me no matter what :). I’m wishing you all a fabulous 2013, joy-filled winter holidays – cherish every moment like there’s no tomorrow, give a hug to a loved one and just be merry!

See you next year :)

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Color of 2013: Emerald green

So in one of my last posts I said I’ll be posting every day and I failed at that, but in my defense I can say that I had a reason – a fussy baby (enough said, right?). Anyway, today I’d like to add my two cents to the topic of Pantone choosing Emerald green as the color of 2013. I already expressed my affection for this color in previous posts having no clue that this color will have such a big impact on the design scene at some point – I guess I have foreseen a trend without even knowing it :). The richness of this shade is mesmerizing, showing a whole new level of green – a dense hue that screams refinement and elegance. I like how modern emerald green feels, definitely not the boring green one might expect :).

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Sparkly DIY projects

It’s no surprise I’m crazy about everything that is sparkly and holiday like, so I was delighted to see a huge collection of DIY glittery projects. For the home, for your Christmas party, even for your wardrobe – you’ll find everything your heart desires. The best of all, each project is linked to its how-to tutorial and we can all try our hands at making a sparkly banner or some cute Christmas tree decorations (yes, I’m all about holidays these days, don’t blame me!). So because I love you so much, I had to share my find with you!

Which project is your favorite?

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Back to business :)

Hello, sweet friends! Do you still remember me? It’s been too long since I last posted something so if you forgot how am I – I can totally understand you (I do hope you’ll come back though!). So I had a baby boy about two months ago and I took some time off to adjust to this new role (which is much harder than it seems, by the way!). All in all, we’re good – baby M is growing up way too fast and already looks like a little man who laughs, ‘speaks’ his own language and makes us happy day by day :).

So today I’m here sincerely hoping I’ll be able to get back to daily posting (or a few times per week at least) and since Christmas is right around the corner of course I had to share a few inspirational, relaxing and pretty pictures with you just to put you in the right mood!

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Baby time

So by now I’m sure you all know I’m about to have a baby (6 days until my due date!), right? And you also know I’m a lover of all things Scandinavian, don’t you? Now imagine these two together – a match made in heaven! I definitely like more the clean lines and simple color palettes of nurseries/baby stuff rather than cluttered and colorful ones (at least at the moment), so I was so excited to see a small collection of images on Est magazine’s blog which perfectly shows off my idea of a modern, cool, but warm and cozy baby environment.

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Cozy ranch house

I realize I’m becoming quite predictable already, but I can;t help myself – cozy and modern homes are my faves at the moment! Case in point, this ranch home that just oozes warmth and chicness! The home is filled with romantic, shabby chic accessories yet keeping an industrial and contemporary feel – this, my friends, needs some serious decorating talent and some boldness (jade/teal bedroom? totally sold!). Here are some pics:

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