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Monday joy

How pretty and full of of joy is this engagement? Looking at pictures of this kind makes me happy (for the photographed people) and lifts my mood up to the sky where I just can’t stop smiling and feel the bliss and emotions filling the shoot. I thought it would be the perfect way to start the week, so have a joyful Monday! xo

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Everyday fabulous {October 5th, 2010}

The image I came across today is STUNNING and I needed to share it with you! You guys will be amazed by the colors you’ll see and not because of an abundance of colors, but by a subtle yet contrasting combo of two shades. I’m speechless!

*image via skona hem

OMG! Normally I’d never think about combining these two colors, but the way they look here together is just fantastic, beyond words! I think the combo is BRILLIANT! P.S. This kitchen is pretty fabulous too, right (besides colors)? What do you think?

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Everyday fabulous {September 7th, 2010}

Hi again! I know, Everyday fabulous category was sort of abandoned for awhile, but please, don’t get mad! I’m here now to share with you another stunning, fantastic picture and well, let’s discuss it a bit!


This screams fall to me! The patterns and color palette are definitely inspired by fall and I’m smitten by the variety of the mentioned patterns! However, this image has some boho touches, ethnic feeling and an eclectic air dominating in there, right? How lovely are those over-sized scissors on the wall? Such a great idea for decorating!

So as I said, let’s discuss the picture! Now it’s your turn to tell me what do you think about it!

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Everyday fabulous {August 11th, 2010}

Hi everyone! I know that I didn’t update my Everyday fabulous category for a while, but I’m here now to make it up to you. And for today I have a home-y, comfy and warm picture for you! Enjoy!


I’m simply obsessed with all these layered patterns, not to mention the rustic feeling I got when seeing this picture! These rugs are such an amazing detail and I think that’s what makes this room so inviting! How pretty are the old & new stuff? Or the mismatched chairs in here? Blissful!

What do you think, friends?

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Everyday fabulous {August 2nd, 2010}

You know how I love Pinterest, don’t you? It’s so full of eye-candy I never dreamed seeing, so many stunning pictures that make me happy! Just like it happened when I came across the below picture – it’s breathtaking, gorgeous and so above all you’ve seen so far.

*via Pinterest

The only thing I know about this picture is that this place it’s in Italy and I so want to go there! The colors and the shape of this coast are amazing and yes, this is a DREAMY place!

UPDATE: Christine was so kind to tell us that this extraordinary place is Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre. Thank you, Christine!

Hope your Monday is going well! xo

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Everyday fabulous {July 30th, 2010}+Happy weekend!

So, my friends, it’s Friday! It’s right before the weekend and I couldn’t be more thrilled as I’ll have two days to spend with my family, a BBQ on Sunday and lots of rest! I prepared for you an Everyday fabulous picture which will inspire you for the weekend and I’m wishing you all a great two-days relaxing time!

*picture via miss vu on flickr

How fantastic is this inspiration wall? And the Anthropologie mugs? What about the Eiffel lamp? Everything of this picture is just amazing! Hope you enjoyed it! Have a fabulous weekend! See you all next week!


Everyday fabulous {July 28th, 2010}

Good morning everyone! As you all remember I’m leaving today to see my parents and I still didn’t finish packing! So for now here’s a quick post with a fabulous picture to make your day even more beautiful than it is!

*image via found thanks to Susannah Conway

The bedroom from above is from the villa of Annelies and Jean-Jaques  in Bali and it’s all about contrasts! The washed-out white beam is very rough and a bit industrial, while the DREAMY (!) floral bedding and those big pillows on the floor are romantic and very comfy! Although the bedroom is decorated with natural tones (the furniture is mostly warm brown, except the gray piece which is very stylish!) it’s very eclectic and confusing yet inviting! Did you see the angled door on the left? Now that’s catchy and so Asian! I hope you liked this picture! My next blog post will be from another country, now I’m off to finish packing! See you soon! xoxo, Ludmila

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Everyday fabulous {July 26th, 2010}

If you’re in blogland, perhaps you already saw the pictures of the gorgeous shop owned by Anna Spiro, founder of Absolutely beautiful things, Black & Spiro Unveiled. Anna did an amazing job putting together those colors & details which make the shop a stunning & dreamy place! But one thing caught my attention: the tutu desk which Anna  designed by herself for her office. Please take a look:

*image via Absolutely beautiful things

It’s dramatic, daring and although it’s black, it seems VERY passionate to me! Just look how fantastic it looks against the white walls & floor, the only things which are a little distracting are the lampshade, painting and the inspiration board, they’re softening that dramatic look and are making it little cheerier. As I said, Anna DIY-ed the tutu desk, who wants to give it a try? :)

On another note, I need your feedback. Aren’t these Everyday fabulous posts too overwhelming and too often? Maybe I should reduce them and post one picture every week? I’d really need to know this, so please let me know what do you think!

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Everyday fabulous {July 23rd, 2010}

Before signing off until Monday, I must share with you a picture which I thought is really REALLY fabulous! It’s a picture where masculine meets feminine, vintage meets modern and altogether this is what makes that image superb and so inspiring!

*via Skona Hem

Tell me what do you feel when you see the dark blue Lotus wallpaper against the pretty, feminine violets? I told you, perfection! I’m wishing you a fantastic weekend, enjoy it and I’ll see you on Monday, lovelies!

P.S. On Monday my giveaway sponsored by CSN Stores ends, so you have time to enter until then!

P.P.S. On Wednesday next week I’m traveling to see my parents (to another country), I’ll be with them for two weeks and then they’ll come to visit us here and attend my wedding :), so blogging will be lighter until August 15th. I’ll try to pop up here every day and post at least once per day, but in case I don’t show up, you know what I’m up to :).

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Everyday fabulous {July 22nd, 2010}

Here I am now with my second Everyday fabulous post. I came across the picture I’m gonna post today here and was absolutely astonished by it! Without further ado, here it is:


This picture is from Elle Decoration Italy and it shows the home of Italian designer Matteo Thun and his wife Susanne. This is the wall of their dining room all covered with tiles of different beautiful colors and patterns and isn’t it fantastic?! I can’t stop staring! The room however doesn’t look over-decorated because of the white ceiling which creates a pretty balance of eclectic and crispy. What do you think about this dining area? Isn’t it perfection?

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