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Lovely wedding magazine

Have you, guys, seen the new gorgeous magazine wedding related – Lovely wedding magazine (which happens to be the little sister of the Aussie Adore Home mag)? It’s indeed lovely, with plenty of beautiful ideas and dreamy pictures. The magazine is the perfect inspiration for future brides and grooms and although I’m already married it’s so amazing to just look at magazines like this one and enjoy other people’s magic day :)

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Vintage kitchen

…with a touch of soft mint! I’m totally obsessed with the cabinet which is as vintage and as gorgeous as you can imagine! Add a few vintage stools and you get the perfect kitchen which is both inviting and cool. Open shelving, industrial old lighting – the moment when a picture is worth a thousand words :)

I’m loving the overall look of this kitchen – right up my alley!

*images via here

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Lavender field wedding {the details}

Although I expressed my obsession with lavender many times, I’ll dare to do it again – just because I think this post might be a great inspiration for all of you brides-to-be (or simply if you’d like to set up a romantic table for two). Hence the focus on the details of the tabletop. Needless to mention the whole wedding is gorgeous, but the lavender field had me at that purple divine color and I couldn’t resist sharing the fairy tale with you.

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Ready for fall

If you know me, you also know I’m in love with warm weather and summer days and I would gladly trade winter for another summer season :)! But we had so high temps this year that I can’t help myself but crave fall this season when speaking about fashion. I can’t wait to wear oversized sweaters, mustard color and nude coats – just the thought of it makes me feel so comfy right now! I’m not a fashion victim and it’s a known fact that coziness is the main factor to me when buying clothing, but hey – cozy outfits can be fashionable and here’s the proof:

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Lazy weekend

Hi all! It’s Saturday and I couldn’t be more thrilled as I’m very tired lately and any spare moment of laziness sounds blissful to me :). Normally I’m always up to something, so this state of tiredness caused by the pregnancy falls hard on me – both mentally and physically. I’m having troubles accepting the fact that if I’m unable to run errands as I did before – it’s ok (and I should stop blaming myself for wanting to rest as much as possible). It’s a problem deep in my mind, so I have to work on that :). I’m starting today, with this post of a lazy weekend of doing nothing – just sleeping, going for long walks and eating yummy meals. Hope you have a good one :)

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