Happy weekend

And it’s here – the Friday we’ve been waiting since Monday is finally happening today! Am I the only one so crazy about this day or there are more like me out there? Anyway, it’s been a long week (just like they all are) and I’m thrilled the weekend is a mere few-hours-period away! What are you plans for the weekend? Something I’ve been meaning to ask you since forever – how do you cope with the insanely hot weather (40+ degrees C around here! (cca 105 F)), are you enjoying some pool time or a real seaside vacation?

I hope you’ll definitely enjoy your weekend, see you next week!

The pictures might not be in sync with the post, but I just loved how cute these flowers are and how can I resist such beauty? Here’s another one:

Happy weekend, loves! xo

*images via Flowers cheap and chic book

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