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Alexandra Grablewski Photography

Hi everyone! Today is one of those days when you need lots of eye-candy images to get inspired of and indulge your eyes with, just crucial for your well-being. Yes, a productive-but-oh-so-exhausting day has hit me today and to relax, but still feel like I’m the blogger who’ll inspire you or just bring up some seriously pretty pictures to enjoy, I want to brighten up your day! I couldn’t do it by myself, so I got a wee help from Alexandra Grablewski and her calm and adorable photography (remember when I blogged about the yumminess she’s shooting?). She has an aesthetic to admire and sense of style to be envy on. That was a joke, no envy! So now, please get your dose of beautiful photography and make your day better!

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Hey everyone! So far, I didn’t blog about food photography here, but now I couldn’t resist! Mostly all photographers are taking pictures of food and all the pictures are just so fabulous and yummy, but then I came across Alexandra Grablewski and her portfolio few days ago and yes, she is taking gorgeous pictures, but the food…oh my…to die for! Seriously, how talented is she to make just a photo make you drool? But you take a look and then tell me, are you drooling as well or it’s just me?


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