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Last days of summer

I have to admit I’m being sad that summer days are almost over. I know the other day I was craving pastel colored homes, but today I’m back again at happy yellows, bright pinks and turquoise – I’m the person who can never have too much of this. Or summer, that’s why I’m a bit nostalgic today. Dear summer, it was amazing having you with us. Till we meet again – love, L. This is an homage to you, you rock!

Happy Hump day!

*image via Amy Butler design

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Neutral Brightness

This home tour I came across yesterday is my dream come true (well, at least that’s how I feel now). Although we all know I adore colors, when it comes to my home, I prefer it to be calming, laid-back and comfy, so neutral colors are way more appropriate than splashes of bright shades. I liked how the home has vintage touches with a modern, stylish flair. Oh and there were some colors in the home, seen in wall art or cushions – just the perfect pops of a subtly cheerful color palette!

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Spring on my mind

My name is Ludmila and I’m officially pronouncing myself a hater of winter and snow. I’m more than just exhausted of these cold, gray days. I want sunshine and colors, I want life! I’m not being too dramatic, that’s exactly how I feel each February (and December and January perhaps too). Today I put together a colorful post, a post full of vibrant life and inspiring atmosphere. I’m in a spring state of mind and with this I leave you for the weekend. Just a quick question: do you feel like me (trying to convince myself that I’m not the only one)? xo

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‘Neon bright’ home tour

I was flipping through the special edition of Adore magazine the other day and spotted a home tour which is definitely not for everyone! Decorated mostly with dark hues, the home does have pops of bright neon colors seen in coffee tables, decorative letters, wall art and more. And I remembered that I got to see some pictures of the home before yet never knew they belong to one space (and couldn’t even imagine this!). Here are a few pictures:

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Bright colors in the kitchen?

Yes, please! I realized that life is all about colors, brighter the colors, more cheerful the life :). So why not to have bold bright pinks and blues everywhere, including kitchen? Great idea, huh? And yes, I know that colors are of pretty personal taste, but let me tell you one thing, the best therapy for me is the color therapy, just makes me feel alive! So why don’t give it a try (at least imaginary)? Here is something to make it easier:

colors in the kitchen5

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Bright colors for a bright home

I guess this should be in my category “Tendencies”…It’s very popular now to have extra-colorful interior! And it’s pretty eye-catching a room in rainbow’s colors! Take a look at these and tell me what do you think about it?

bright colorsBright interiorcolored interior1colored interior2colored interior3

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