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Fresh and Bright Kitchen…

…which belongs to Kate of Centsational Girl. Remember her, right? She’s a passionate DIY-er and no surprise that she renovated her kitchen by herself. This place looks amazing, so much light, so cozy design, I bet now the kitchen is Kate’s favorite place in the house. Check out the pictures:


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DIY: Candleholders made from cement

Hello everybody! It’s me again, again I’ll write about DIY and again Kate from Centsational Girl! You’ll ask why? Because she’s a genius! For example the idea of what I will write about now came to her during the night! For me this is enough to call her genius :). And in the middle of the night Kate thought of making candleholders from cement! We all like candles, it gives to the atmosphere a really romantic and sexy touch, doesn’t it? So, that’s why I think that the tutorial for making candleholders will be appropriate now, when we’re so close to Valentine’s Day! Meantime, check these beautiful creations and Do It Yourself! :)

cement candleholders1cement candleholders2cement candleholders3cement candleholders4cement candleholders5cement candleholders

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DIY: Cherry tree in bloom

Do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals.” (Wikipedia)

Kate from Centsational Girl knows very well how to do by herself incredible things! If only you would see all the items she made, real masterpieces, I admire her for that. Good luck, Kate!

But one thing is not letting me sleep for some time already and this is Kate’s DIY cherry tree, it’s painted, handmade and as I studied a little the tutorial, it doesn’t seem so complicated to do it, but it would be such a sweet decoration for your daughter’s room! Anyways, take a look at the magic tree and see the tutorial here.

*Please notice that the flowers are 3D :)

cherry tree1cherry tree2cherry tree3cherry tree4cherry tree5cherry tree

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