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Serbian Made: Empress Design

You guys know how talented are Serbians, right? However while checking back all the Serbian Made posts I noticed that one thing is on top of the list of local crafters and this is jewelry. And as much as I try to bring something new every week, I end up falling in love with another creative ‘handmaker’ who designs jewelry. That’s what happened now. While looking for another potential feature I came across Empress Design, owned by Zorana who works with plexiglass (something new around here) to bring to life the cutest earrings, the most stylish belts and the prettiest necklaces you could ever imagine! How could I possibly not fall in love? The best thing about plexiglass jewelry is that it’s not pricey at all and everybody can afford it, not to mention how stunning it looks as a statement piece! I totally recommend checking Empress Design (they have SO many items!), here I highlighted a few of them:

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