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Sparkly DIY projects

It’s no surprise I’m crazy about everything that is sparkly and holiday like, so I was delighted to see a huge collection of DIY glittery projects. For the home, for your Christmas party, even for your wardrobe – you’ll find everything your heart desires. The best of all, each project is linked to its how-to tutorial and we can all try our hands at making a sparkly banner or some cute Christmas tree decorations (yes, I’m all about holidays these days, don’t blame me!). So because I love you so much, I had to share my find with you!

Which project is your favorite?

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Keep calm and sparkle

There’s not much to add to this post but a bunch of glittery images to cheer you up and to remind you that we all need some sparkle in our lives every once in a while. So I’m embracing the famous (slightly altered) Keep calm slogan and am wishing you a lovely week!

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All about glitter

Have you seen the Glitter Guide? Launched earlier this week, this lifestyle site (founded by the lovely Taylor) is filled with (just as its title says) glitter, glamour and gorgeous posts. If you haven’t checked it yet, do it – get your “daily dose of glitter”! Congrats to Taylor and the team!

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