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Simple color palette

Sometimes you just need natural colors in your life, right? I’m having some kind of color fevers – one day I’m head over heels for bright palettes, other days I crave simple shades of black, white, gray. I’m guessing it’s a normal thing, people change, as well as their styles and aesthetics. Does this happen to you (because it happens to me quite regularly)?

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The power of gray

With the dreary days coming upon us I find myself caught in the timeless magic of the color gray which (especially these days) feels so adjustable and flexible. For an instance gray can be neutral and we can combine it with absolutely every single color (which will look like popping out, exactly because of gray), on another hand gray can be considered dramatic if used as a main (or the only one) color in a room and lastly, if combined with gold accents gray can look so elegant and timeless. If you think I’m wrong, please leave your thoughts in the comments :)

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Soothing gray…

Hello, friends! Happy Monday! So I’m in the hospital, all is well, I could have my laptop with me – so far so good :). Today I’m in the mood for soothing feelings that’s why this picture I found on the internet was right up my alley! It has a French flair, it’s deliciously gray and calming, it has bits of glamour and well, it’s perfection!

There is something in this picture that has me mesmerized – I can’t take my eyes off of it! Might be the gorgeous mirror or that mantel, but I’m in love!


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Color+Inspiration: Yellow+Gray

Hey everyone! I must admit that I’ve been having my eyes on the beautiful color combination yellow & gray for quite a long time and still, never put together a color inspiration post featuring this combo. Small intro: Anna of In honor of design asked our opinion about a new header for her blog (we needed to choose one of three designs), the first design was created with yellow & gray colors and I was smitten by the simplicity and elegance of it! The muted shades of both these colors are such a well balanced mix, perfectly completing each other and creating the feeling of aesthetic charm and sense of style. Of course I voted for the first design Anna had to choose from, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this combination. So yesterday I browsed all the possible sites on the Internet and I found some gorgeous rooms (and not only) decorated with yellow & gray:

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