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Happy weekend {and a ‘thank you’}

Hello, my dears! Happy Friday aka happy we’re-so-close-to-the-weekend day! Let me begin with telling how much I miss you! Having a job is fantastic, however there are things I miss, things I was doing in my pre-job life, like tweeting, posting on creamylife more often and just interacting with you, my loves! I can’t complain though, things are much better since I’m working, my days are crazy busy, I get to implement what I’ve been taught during my faculty years, I feel more useful than before and well, it makes me happy :). Yet I miss you and I can’t find a solution for this. Alright, let’s look at the bright side. Doesn’t it make you feel thrilled to know that your readers are the sweetest?? It does to me! A while back I received a lovely handmade holiday card from Iva (which is actually the second present from Iva!) and guess what, today I received one more handmade card, from Alena! I adore both my presents and from the bottom of my heart I thank you, Iva and Alena, for thinking about me and for this kind and so pretty gesture! Wishing you the happiest in 2011, ladies!

Alena Goran card (continue reading)

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