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31 Bits jewelry

Happy Monday to all! Today we’ll kick off the week with a slightly different approach meaning this day isn’t about chic interiors, but bits of fashionable jewelry – 31 Bits to be more precise. 31 Bits is a brand selling handmade jewelry that comes all the way from Uganda! The idea came up to Kallie Dovel in 2007, coming to a life in 2008 and blooming ever since. The team behind 31 Bits works on a regular basis with a group of women from Uganda who create necklaces, bracelets and more from recycled paper and it all looks fabulous! What impressed me a lot is that 31 Bits offers several educational programs to those women – English lessons, finance training, health education etc. – worth being admired, don’t you think?

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Serbian Made: Iva did it.

Hello, creamylife-ers! How was your weekend? Are you ready for a new week? I sure am! Will kick off this week with a Serbian talent, Iva Novičić behind Iva did it.! Iva is a young lady, whose passion is handmade and jewelry, so she put these two together and started creating handmade jewelry, which is being sold in Supermarket Concept Store (I know I’ve mentioned this store like a thousand times, but it’s really fabulous, so don’t blame me, please!). Iva has a beautiful collection of earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets which is sure to satisfy everyone, big or small! I personally love how Iva uses colors within her creations: vibrant hues, mixed muted colors or juicy brights – she does it all good! Here are a few of her pieces, the rest you can check on her Facebook page. Locals, if you’d like to purchase any of this jewelry, look for Iva did it. in Supermarket or contact Iva by mail, which can be found on her page.

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Etsy: Wearable art by Floreal

Hello all! I’ve been thinking lately that I didn’t show some Etsy love here on creamylife, but this doesn’t mean that I stopped checking regularly Etsy shops, being inspired by the lovely handmade items and amazed by the huge talents out there. So now is the perfect moment to do it, even more because the owner of an adorable shop contacted me and kindly suggested that I take a look at her Etsy wonderland, Floreal shop. Ruchi does pretty jewelry from polymer clay, mixing and matching colors and shapes to create as she says “wearable art”. Although Ruchi is not a professional jeweler, she designs fabulous earrings, necklaces, brooches and more which are so much fun, but what’s the most important her jewelry is looking amazing (and she has couple necklaces that are PERFECT for fall wardrobe, you’ll see below)!

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Serbian Made: Little Glory

Good morning, lovelies! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, with Belgrade shopping night on Friday (which I call already weekend) and a sweet friend’s birthday party yesterday.  Now I’m excited about a new week and things to share you, my dears! Today is Monday and as my husband called it – it’s Serbian Monday (sounds good) and it means I will feature one more Serbian person who’s making handmade things. This time is about a very talented and sweet lady making jewelry, named Little Glory (nickname, real name – Slavica)! Prepare yourself for a dose of amazing stuff, I mean it! Hew jewelry is handmade from polymer clay, accessorized with decorative wires and stones. Wondering what is she making? Earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and brooches – people, she is amazingly artful and skilled! We, girls, know what is jewelry for us, so imagine myself choosing pictures of Slavica’s work for my article – I was dying to have *every.single.piece* – I totally fell in love and I invite you now to see the beauty (a small part of it) made by Little Glory!


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Serbian Made: OGGY Design Studio

I’m so excited to announce a new (huge!) category on CreamyLife called Serbian Made. Living for some time in Belgrade, Serbia, I was lucky to be introduced to lots of creative and talented people who love crafting and creating just beautiful handmade items! You know what I was saying about handmade and that’s when I got the idea to show to the world Serbian crafters and their great work! Every week I’ll be featuring one Serbian crafter, so every Monday you can stop by for another inspiring post full of local handmade stuff!

The first blogger and craft-woman I’ll write about is Olgica of OGGY Design who is making so so many beautiful things such as: decorative boxes from vintage wallpaper, shabby clocks, vases, candles and candle holders, jewelry and much much more! She was the first blogger (that is also a passionate crafter from Serbia) I spotted on the Internet and I must admit, I totally fell in love with her style and everything she makes. Here are some things, but don’t forget to head to her blog to see more:


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