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My special day

Yep, you read it good – today is my birthday and I’m turning 25! The past year has been one of the most exciting and eventful year of them all. I know the next one will be even better and I can’t wait to share with you the reasons :). Thank you for being with me – it’s an honor to grow up in so many ways (life, blog he he) accompanied by such sweet readers! :)

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Happy birthday to me

Hello, dears! Happy Monday and happy birthday to me! Today I turn 24 and it kind of sounds surreal, I still can’t believe it, am I that ‘old’? Ok, this is a joke, I guess at 24 life just starts and I’m looking forward to everything that’s yet to happen, people I’m yet to meet and blissful moments I’m yet to share with my husband, my parents and brother and of course with all of you! I’m throwing a virtual party today, so feel free to join me for a glass of champagne and some glamour :)

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Hi everyone! Today is my lovely mother’s birthday!!! I know words can’t say how *much* I love her! Her face is the sun that shines over me just every second of my life! And although we’re far from each other, she knows that a piece of my heart is always with her and she knows that she’ll always be the most precious person in my life!!!

Happy Birthday, MAMI! I love you!

And by the way, have a great weekend everyone!


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