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It’s the first post in 2012 so let me welcome you all to a new year which will surely bring many adventures, joyful moments and achieved goals. I like to think about a new year as a blank canvas, with plenty of space to paint your life the way you want it. Which is why today I especially feel drawn to clean lines, uncluttered spaces and white interiors – exactly what we need now – new beginnings with nothing to interfere with our life mission and vision.

Happy 2012, sweets! Make it memorable!

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Stay warm and happy weekend

Hello, sweets! Are you having a relaxing Saturday? I sure am, cozied up in bed with my laptop, warm under a cover and inspired big time! Inspired to be better, happier, more understanding and inspired to smile more (new year’s resolutions perhaps?). What are you inspired to do today?

I have to say it wouldn’t be the same without the ‘warm under a cover’ part, I’m obsessed with staying warm and hate it when I’m cold. Seriously, there’s no worse feeling for me. That’s why I’m dreaming today about fireplaces of all kind – they totally change a room making it more inviting and home-y.

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