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Black & white home office

My love affair with black and white is a known issue for everyone, so nothing too shocking in this post. I mean not shocking as you could guess I’ll be dying over this post’s chicness. Confession: I have never seen such a fabulous home office designed around black and white. Seriously, it’s to die for – Nina from Stylizimo is my new idol (her home office we’re speaking about). As every black and white space, this home office is simple yet not simplistic, it’s very inspiring and laid back, it’s comfy and serene – could not ask for more, don’t you agree?

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Creative work spaces

While I admit that creative doesn’t always mean uncluttered and neat (and I’m now in a very minimalistic mood) I do love to see inspiring, creative offices where ideas flow from each inch of the space: from layered rugs to mixed textures to enormous moodboards and shelves with books – I mean one has to be brave to do all this at once, don’t you think? And since in this phase of my life I’m not much of an experimenter decor wise I’m totally fine with staring at this from aside.

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Home office Makeover

Good morning, dear readers! And welcome Friday! Finally! Now I’d like to ask you something: do you like makeovers? Because I love them! It’s so amazing to see a space which was transformed to an inviting warm room, the before & after of a room, isn’t it? Even if it’s a home office which I’ll write about now. I got to see it yesterday and guess what, bookmarked immediately! The change was huge and the result was stunning! Thanks to The Office Stylist for the inspiring makeover!


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Finally, my home office!

Yes, I’m so happy and excited at the same time! I didn’t have a home office so far, so I was always blogging in bed, dining table, my husband’s office and so on. And whenever I was asking when I’ll get my own office, I was hearing “eventually” :). But yesterday, finally the moment came! We bought everything we needed to DIY an office table, a chair and voila! I’m writing to you now, sitting in my cutest office :). That’s how everything happened:


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Home office ~ Styles

Everybody needs a home office – whether you’re a student, you’re working or blogging, I bet you need one. So do I! In order to get some ideas how to build my home office, I made a little research about styles (House to Home helped me a lot with this) and that’s what I found:

bedroom home office

Home office – living room style

classic home office

Home office  – classic style

corner home office

Home office – corner style

home office1

Home office – compact style

home office

Home office – pink style


Home office – alcove style


Home office – modern style


Home office – vintage style

seasonal home office

Home office – seasonal style

The only things my home office must have are laptop, lamp, my cup with coffee and a bunch of flowers! :). Hopefully I’m on my way in achieving my goal! What about your home office? Did you look for inspiration on the Internet, like I’m doing, or you trusted only your imagination and sense of beauty?

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