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Nate Berkus – interior design maven

Will you be shocked if I say that I love Nate Berkus? No, you won’t and I’m pretty sure you’ll think ‘oh well, welcome to the club’. And I’ll happily step into the huge group of Nate Berkus‘ admirers. His great eye for beautiful things is above everything I could ever imagine. He’s amazing, a true interior design maven. With a TV show where he’s the boss and multiple shelter magazine features, Nate Berkus is certainly the God of all things interior design and if you seek for inspiration, his portfolio is the perfect place to pop by! Convince yourself.

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Jacinta Preston Design

Ok, so I’ll admit, I’ve heard about this Sydney-based interior designer very few times, so I wasn’t really aware of what I’m missing. That’s why I was happy to stumble upon her site today and dive into all that inspiration and just abundance of creativity. Jacinta Preston is my hero. She’s mixing old and new, vintage and high end, muted and bright colors and she’s a dream come true. I was fascinated by her talented eye and fresh approach to either kids’ rooms, living areas or bedrooms. Jacinta Preston creates interiors which are perfectly livable yet nailed to perfection and almost untouchably chic. My first thought when seeing her portfolio was: ‘this lady definitely knows how to do thrift-shopping’ :). Here are some Jacinta Preston designs:

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Jan Eleni Interiors

Before signing off until tomorrow I wanted to show up once again bringing with me a great interior designer who (as I read in her bio) inherited from her grandmother designer skills and taste of style. Jan Eleni is a self-taught designer who has her own design business running since 2004, but in fact she  started her career back in the 90’s, when she had a small shop in New York, on 9th Street. After starting the business Jan focused mostly on decorating children’s rooms and the best of everything is that she was working with the kids, living their lives to understand their needs. And as once I said, *that’s* what I call a good designer – the one working for the client’s wellness and lifestyle! Of course, later in time Jan was designing both for children and grown-ups, so here are some of her designs:


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Hernan Arriaga

Hernan Arriaga is an artist who calls interior design his lifestyle. And he realized this after years of work in this field. He is young, but achieved great appreciation and respect of his colleagues. His style is described by few simple words: comfort, beauty and satisfied clients and that’s what he says: “Essentially, the starting point of every project is to get to know my clients, their taste and their needs to attain not only a beautiful house but also a home that would make them feel comfortable with, fits their lifestyle, and represents who they really are”. I think this should be the starting point of just every designer, after all the client must live in that house, so it’s very important the feeling of having a home more than just a house, I hope you get the point. Here are some of Hernan’s designs:


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