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Color report: Tangerine Tango

You probably all heard that Pantone named the color of 2012 Tangerine Tango. Just like its last year’s sister – honeysuckle – tangerine is a rich, bright hue which leaves a big impact on a room if used right. Accessories, a wall, a rug or a sofa will bring a cheery vibe into your home, tangerine will simply make your space warmer, happier, more modern and home-y. Of course, tangerine will be equally often used in fashion industry (I think the trend was clearly seen already in 2011, right?). Lipstick, nail polish, silky dresses – all tangerine colored will definitely make for a bright year!

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Wallpaper madness

Have you ever wondered what would be like to go bold regarding wallpapers in your home? And I mean like real bold: pattern madness, hypnotizing mixes, perhaps exaggerated amount of it? I doubt I’d be able to be so brave as of having a room which makes it hard for your eyes to stay opened (nor would I want to, if we’re at it), but I do admire people who have the guts to apply wallpapers on all four walls plus the ceiling (crazy, right?). Or people who are obsessed with stripes and so there are many stripes around their homes.

Would you or would you not go bold with your wallpaper choice?

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Random Loveliness

I realized that I never did a ‘random’ post, which is not random, of course, but it doesn’t have a predefined topic I want to discuss with you or pictures I’m asking opinions about. This is a post for a Monday evening, when we’re four days away from the weekend, instead of five like we were this morning, when after running back and forth all day, we can finally sit back and relax with a cup of tea (so comforting!) or a glass of wine (depends on how crazy your day was haha). The pictures I chose for this post are from pinterest and the only thing to do now is to enjoy them. Hope you all had a lovely Monday!

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