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Friday Inspiration

It’s time for Friday’s one picture post :), but wait to see what picture! It’s a delightful living room, airy and light, with an insanely gorgeous settee, enormous windows, a calming fireplace, eclectic and stylish – are you intrigued? That room feels like a collection of different eras’ details as it has bits of classic glamour, modern designs and I even spied touches of Scandinavian! Can you believe all that together? You’re definitely intrigued now, right? :)

Have a fabulous Friday, loves! xo

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Bring a tree indoors

So you can totally spice up the room you think needs to be freshened up a bit. Insane? Oh yes. Unique? Heck yes! There’s just one picture I’m sharing with you, but it so left me speechless, so I had to. Imagine the decorating possibilities if you would actually have a tree in your dining room! Not to mention how thrilled your kids would be about their possibilities. All in all, it’s a win-win situation, you know what I mean? Ok, so maybe the idea is too crazy to be brought to life, but just imagine…

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There is something so neat about symmetry in interior design. Clean look, balance when it comes to details – this just screams modern and look-but-don’t-touch kind of feeling. While I do love a bit crazier and artsy style for a room, sometimes symmetry feels just right, it’s like helping to keep everything under control in life, you know what I mean? Hoping you did understand me, here’s a picture that just stood out to me exactly because of the proportionality in art, colors, details.

Another thing I love about this living room is the rug, I find the pattern one of the prettiest and those colours complement it just perfectly!

What about you? Are you a fan of symmetry or not really?

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Coral & pattern

I love coral, I find it a very hot and absolutely gorgeous, summery colour! And while browsing for some refreshing pictures yesterday I came across one room I just couldn’t pass on. The juicy coral/orange shade throughout the living room has instantly taken me to a modern beach cottage, with the smell of the sea coming through the window and with a huge stack of magazines (I’m a nerd, I know). Oh, and the pattern seen in drapes, wallpaper, lamp shade, arm chair & ottoman upholstery is so delicious – it was a perfect fit! Happy Monday!

*image via mi casa

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